Snapmaker for Sale

After much trials and testing, I have decided to reluctantly sell my machine. The machine is great and I have enjoyed using the features, however, the machine doesn’t fit the purpose I had initially bought it for.

So far only the laser and 3D printing modules have been used, I haven’t had a chance to try out the CNC module. The machine itself is in really good condition as well as the accompanying enclosure. However, a slight mishap with the 3D printer caused some wear to the heat pad.

The machine still has all the original packaging and equipment, and as I am UK-based, I can sell the machine and enclosure fully assembled.

So please get in touch If you are interested.

Hi is this still available and what price are you looking for. If it has been sold please where did you purchase it from as i cant find one in u.k thanks

The machine is available, I had bought it from the official Snapmaker website so paid for the taxes and shipping. I am selling both the enclosure and the machine for £2100 fully assembled.

hi where abouts in the u.k are you based thanks just so i know how far i may have to travel

Hi Steve, Im based in Croydon, South London.

Hi Steve, I haven’t heard back from you in a couple of days, are you still interested in the Snapmaker. If the distance is a problem we could arrange to meet halfway if that works. Do let me know though.

sorry ive been a bit busy its not for me its for my son have spoken to him and he has said he would rather have a new one with a guarantee for that price. there is one for 1600 and an enclosure for 400 so im sure thats the one he is going for sorry if ive wasted any of your time