Shipping to USA

I am looking to pledge soon for an A150 or A250. I know the shipping costs are added to the amount when going through the pledge process, but are there any other costs that might be incurred when the product is sent to the USA?

Tariffs perhaps ? Ask your president :wink:

BriHar - thanks - I wish it were that easy to find out. I’ve done some searching and can’t figure out how the tariffs would work. All shipping costs from China in my past purchases were rolled into the cost at time of purchase, so I’m going to need to figure this one out before I can make a pledge. It’s a stretch for me to buy the snapmaker and an additional costs would bump me out of the plan.

Tariff costs are incurred by the exporting company to ship them into America. So, unless the team at Snapmaker decide to add it into the shipping costs or change the price, they would theoretically be already factored in. Now, in reality, our dumb gov’t is being extra dumb because nobody knows tariff costs for the future because nobody can trust what the president, ergo the white house, is going to do next.

For the first Kickstarter, I paid about $40 for shipping. I pledged $439, and ended up paying $478.

I ended up buying some more stuff too, like extra filament and some plywood squares for engraving, so the final bill was more. IIRC, that happened when I gave them my address for delivery. Everything came at the same time.

I’m ok with Snapmaker and the exporting company handling the tariff costs - if they would, but if they have already collected my purchase money and shipping money, I wouldn’t want them to hold my purchase hostage until I sent them a few hundred more tariff dollars. The whole tariff process has me rethinking this.

I severely doubt they would do that with pre-orders. Now, assuming the tariffs DO increase, it will likely increase the future base price. However, no official Snapmaker person has weighed in…

NilartPax - I hope you are right and that the purchase price, and shipping that is automatically added during the pledge process - would be my total expense.

Please - someone at Snapmaker - weight in and help with clarifying this.