Ordered New Laser Module - Nothing delivered

Ordered the 1.6W laser module on the same day when the discounted email was sent. I received an email from snapmaker that my order was accepted and it gave me an order ID number. I received a Paypal transaction email one minute later. This was over 3 weeks ago and I have not received any information since then.

I click on the order ID number and it takes me to a snapmaker page that shows what I ordered, how much I paid, and my contact information. Under the order summary heading, there is the phrase “Fulfilled by Snapmaker” - which implies to me that they think they have actually fulfilled the transaction?

I sent an email to support a week ago and got no response other than the confirmation email. Thinking maybe support isn’t the correct ones to be speaking to I forwarded the emails to info & sales 2 days ago and still have not received a response.

I just want a clarification from snapmaker on whether or not my purchased item was sent out. If it has, we got a problem since I received nothing. If it has not been shipped, then when can I expect it? I realize that there was a big sales rush when the discount email was sent out and maybe I missed the available units - but snapmaker needs to start sharing the information with their customers. They are not a kickstarter anymore where people give them leeway for how quickly questions are answered and how quickly products are delivered. No more excuses.

Edit: I should not have to write this post. I think the product is great and I want the company to succeed. But snapmaker has to start responding quicker or even better start posting information without us having to prompt them for information.


My order page said the same thing. I ordered the evening of the day the coupon came out and got mine a couple of days ago.

See that is my concern. Did the module get shipped and for whatever reason I never received it or was it stolen off my porch while I was at work? I am just trying to determine if this is the case or not. Others on facebook have commented that the module just arrived without any shipping notice by email - so I don’t know if I can trust that it was shipped or not based on whether or not I would have received a shipping notice.

If you have an online account with FedEx, check it. I did get a shipping notification for USPS, but the package didn’t show up in their system for several days. I happened to be checking FedEx for another package when I noticed an extra package: it was the laser module, shipped FedEx SmartPost.

I received feedback from Snapmaker sales tonight confirming that my order has not been shipped and that I should expect it maybe in August. Which I am fine with the wait - its the not knowing and lack of response I was not happy about. Hopefully snapmaker will be a little more forthcoming with info in the future and a little more responsive. Suggest they remove the “Fulfilled by Snapmaker” from the order confirmation page. The transaction is not “fulfilled” until the item that was purchased is delivered in working order.

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I’m waiting for a confirmation too.
Not happy with the way this “upgrade” is handeled.
The normal shop is ok. My order of my 2nd Snapmaker was delivered within 1 week from UK.

PS: Snapmaker forgot to write the Street name on the sticker on the parcel so I had to wait 2 more days for the final delivery.

I to am in the same boat however I also helped my dad place the same order later that day (hours after my own) and he received his about a week ago in the mail. I don’t understand if his was shipped faster because he ordered some materials and I only ordered the cutter but it is just bad business practice from snapmaker (no customer loyalty), I suspect we should expect this given how this and the kickstart went and after I receive the cutter I have no plans on doing business with them again, the product is great but the company is horrible. I’ve tried to get an actual answer from them and all they reply with is “its going out in the next batch”, it took a good week just to get that reply from them.

Yesterday I got my tracking number (not shipped yet).

When I lived in the US I once ordered a Wii + Beatles Rockband, two huge boxes on my porch that were still there after at least 4 hours!
Keep us posted if you receive it, I would like to order one too (am based in the Netherlands) but am waiting for reviews.


One week since my past post. Still no replies to my emails from Snapmaker, still no tracking number, Still no information on when or even if they will be fulfilling this order. If you order from them I would recommend using paypal so you can dispute the charge later if needed. At this rate I may be doing just that, the website advertised 2 week turn around on the order when I placed mine and its been over a month.

I got my package on monday without any (shipping) problems.
Unfortunately I didn’t got the laser module but another printing module.
The new controller and display are ok.

Part of my issue is the way they handle orders, they don’t ship them out first come first serve, i’m not sure how they determine who should get one first but i can prove in this case they didn’t ship them in the order they were received. But based on this experience I’ve already advised others in my circles to either wait for their hardware to show up on Amazon (if it ever does) or wait for another company to copy it. Doesn’t matter if the product is good it the company selling it just doesn’t know how to operate.
I placed my order mid day when the coupon was sent out and again, I’ve yet to even receive a tracking number. My fathers order that I placed for him several hours later was delivered about 2 weeks ago. Both charged via the same account in the order above.

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Please be patient. I’m sure you’ll get yours soon.
Here in Austria (Europe) you can buy the Snapmaker at some local stores…

@neilhenschen Yes, I understand the annoyance - I am right there with you. It’s a little ridiculous how poorly they are at customer sales support. There is no reason that every customer can not be provided with information on their purchase. I interface with other 3d printing related companies as well on a regular basis and immediately get information on my purchase and responses to questions when sent to support. I still have not received any other information on my purchase. I shouldn’t even have to ask - snapmaker should be posting information to keep us informed when to expect our product. I like the product but snapmaker is no longer a kickstarter and needs to be held to the same standard as any other company out there. I wouldn’t find this acceptable for any other company I deal with, so I am finding it hard to give them a pass on this.

7 weeks and 2 days later, the laser module has finally been delivered. At this point, I need to get motivated again to even mess around with the snapmaker after waiting so long.