HELP! Print head clogged and destroyed?

Hi there,

I was finally able joined the maker and Snapmaker community, after my Snapmaker 2.0 arrived a couple of weeks ago.

Everything was working fine, until this morning, when I wanted to check on a print I started yesterday evening and my printer presented itself like this (At the time of taking the pictures I already inspected the damage):
<Unfortunately I can only post a single picture, I hope I can post it below>

I think the reason for this is the filament spool (this is still the one that came with the Snapmaker). The threads are not coiled properly and are therefore overlapping. This results in the feeder trying to get more filament, but the spool being unable to provide this (as I was not there when this happened, this is hypothetical but this did happen previously, maybe you can see it in the picture):
<Unfortunately I can only post a single picture, I hope I can post it below>

I already opened a ticket with Snapmaker, but I am not sure if this is covered under warranty, so do you have any advice on how to fix this?
Especially since it does not seem to be possible to only order the head, this might have been a very expensive error.

Spool not allowing the threads to be unwinded properly

This is unlikely to be caused by the filament not feeding correctly.

A buildup of plastic around the nozzle is usually caused by a part from the print becoming dislodged from the print bed, getting stuck on the nozzle and subsequently any more filament being extruded compacts around the nozzle. I wouldnt think this would be covered under warranty as you should monitor your printer periodically to catch these types of print failures.

Fixing it should be fairly simple however and the only part likely to need replacing is the hot end and nozzle (if they need replacing at all):

  • Plug your print head into the machine as normal and go to the heating controls by swiping left on the touchscreen.

  • heat the nozzle to 220C (or whatever is a reasonable temperature for the filament you are using)

  • Leave the nozzle at this temperature for some time, this will heat and melt the blob of plastic and make it easy to remove

  • If you are lucky, this will melt the plastic enough to remove it from the hot end/nozzle and if you are careful enough you will not damage the wires for the heating block or thermistor

If you are unsuccessful with the above, replace the hot end. Snapmaker has a tutorial for this:

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Thank you @C.Harris

@duesterriese Sorry for the problem you ran into. As @C.Harris said before, you need to try to remove the blob when the printing module heats up to 200 celsius or the temperature is suitable for your filament. You can refer to this article to take out the hot end kit.

Please be careful about the heat.

Oh wow…I was not expecting the solution to be that easy :scream:

Thanks so much @C.Harris ! And even better that Snapmaker send a replacement Hot-End in the package, thank you!!

One minor improvement suggestion: Make this potential issue and its fix a little bit more visible, since you are already sending a replacement kit with the machine, I guess I am not the only one running into this! :slight_smile:

You can order individual parts for the Snapmaker. Contact support and they provide instructions for payment etc…

The hotend assembly is considered a consumable. Thats why you have a spare.

I had the same experience. a 4 hour print, monitored for an hour with no problems but when I returned to see the finished product I had a glob the size of my fist around the head, the heated filament melted the plastic around the wiring attached to the head and the clear rubber sheath around the heater core. How often should I have to replace these heads? My printer was printing perfectly for 2 weeks until I tried to print with ABS and it took an entire day just to get it to print PLA again.

Had the same problem. The ease of replacing the hot end is incredible.

I did have to reset the machine a number of times because of temp errors.

Gunked up one vs a new one.

Having problems with the new one though. The thermistor came out of its hole. I pushed it back in but once the system reaches 60°C (ish) it stops trying to heat. Looking for solution to that…

anyone have any advice for printing ABS? that is how this whole issue started for me

I get heating up the nozzle to loosen the plastic, but my wires are broken. Now what do I do?

I get heating up the nozzle to loosen the plastic, but my wires are broken. Now what do I do? How do I get the plastioc glob removed so I can access the printhead

Heat gun, needle nose pliers, and some luck.