SnapMaker / OctoPrint working

And via OctoPrint Anywhere I can monitor from afar. So COOL!


Are you using a Pi? If you are I am curious if you are using the Pi camera and how you mounted it.

Yes, a 3B. No the camera is a microscope like camera like this one Microscope like
It’s just a USB plug in. It’s actually sitting about 1.5 feet away.

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Hi @Hitchhiker,

I use a Pi camera with my OctoPrint setup. I’ve made a mount for it. See below:

I’m open to any suggestions or feedback you have. Thanks.

Here is my version - the bottom bit houses the Raspberry Pi (originally I used my 3 but changed it to my 2B). The tower has the Pi camera at the bottom and 4 LEDs (powered from the Pi) to illuminate it at night. It’s not perfect in that you can’t see the progress as the Z axis moves up but it is good enough.

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I paired my Snapmaker A250 with OctoPrint. Many things work okay, some don’t or don’t work well.

Printing is going well, but if I want to print round objects from OctoPrint, the Snapmaker has problems with that.

This object sliced ​​with Cura is poorly printed. The same printed directly from the printer looks fantastic. Who has (similar) experiences here and / or can help me.