OctoPi for the Snapmaker?


Depending on how you configure OctoPi, you can do the slicing on OctoPi too. However you’ll need a Raspberry Pi 3 because it is CPU intensive.

Alternatively you can use any slicer of your choice, then upload the gcode file to OctoPi. If you do use Cura, there’s a way to configure Cura to interface with the OctoPi server inside the app itself. You will need to install the OctoPi Connection plugin for Cura. I have not tried integrating other slicers with OctoPi. I normally upload the gcode files through the OctoPi web interface.


I’m running it on a 3B, but I’ll probably do the same as you (upload G-code to the Octopi).


Wow, that’s a slick piece of software. I’m almost done with the first print through the Octopi. I love the tab where you can watch the G-code progress.

Now I just need to figure out how to get my Logitech HD USB webcam working with it.


I have noticed an issue with the touch screen and the Octopi, as others have. It seems if I ever touch the touchscreen, the Octopi won’t connect to the printer. I have to power cycle the printer to get it to connect.

Also, is the Octopi usable when doing CNC carving or laser engraving? I’m guessing not.


how did you set the home command? Just tried it and the printer went down the z axis instead of up… Would’ve hit the print bed


Hi Harry, what is the blue extention on your extruder module?

If enybody is interested, thats the camera mount and lightning I built for my snapmaker with OctoPi.

Snapmaker Camera Mount Adapter
Snapmaker Ikea LED Strip INREDA Mount


Very nice! Where did you get those LED lights?

I have octoprint working with my SM as well, and I’m currently working on a solution for a camera mount, while still allowing me to use the enclosure. I’m probably half way there… I’ll post when I get something interesting to show.

But nice work!