Nozzle not heating anymore


My Snapmaker A350 is not working anymore. The nozzle does not heat up (change filament in menu). I exported the log and found the following line:

1589387330047,2020.05.13 16:28:50.047,ERROR,SC-FW,ERROR: System Fault[0x40000]! NOW cannot heat hotend!

Can anyone give me some hints whats broken?


Have you tried swapping out the nozzle?

Just tried that. But no change :frowning:

I have 3 sets of nozzles, none of them work anymore :frowning:

Probably the controller then. Time to contact

Please contact support for your issue.

  1. Please use the Y axes conversion cable to check if the toolhead cable(current one with the toolhead) is defective.
  2. If the toolhead cable is defective, you can contact for further help.
  3. If the nozzle still cannot heat up with a new cable, the problem may lie in the printing module itself.

Please forward your result to

Thank you

I will check all connectors and then contact support. Thanks!

I think I found the problem, will have to contact support :frowning:


(thats the printhead side)