[Now compatible with 8-lead] Vibration Compensation Beta Firmware for 2.0 Series: Stable Print Quality at Higher Speed

@CSOOPY35 here is your answer.


Hello, I wanted to ask if there are or will be any updates to the firmware, there are now some changes to the printer quickswap, 200W CNC module and so on.


Hello. Is there any news on this subject yet?

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Hi everyone,

We want to provide you with a brief update on the progress of the next Vibration Compensation beta firmware for Snapmaker 2.0.

We are now in the final stages of development, and internal testing will begin soon. The current schedule is to release the next beta firmware version for public testing on the forum in approximately two weeks. This represents a delay of about two weeks from the timeline I mentioned in my previous post in January.

We understand the importance of next beta version release for our community. Keep an eye out for more updates, and thank you for your ongoing support.

Best, Jade


Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to this!