[Now compatible with 8-lead] Vibration Compensation Beta Firmware for 2.0 Series: Stable Print Quality at Higher Speed

I would love it if this version of the vibration compensation could be integrated into the new version of the normal software, i.e. in one of the versions after 1.17.17.
Then you no longer need to always readjust everything and adjust and can use the function possibly also for the laser and CNC!


The update was announced on 7/10.

A stable version will not be available before the end of the year.


Hi everyone. Sorry, but it’s hard to tell from reading this thread. Is vibration compensation dead in the water?

If that’s true, thats a huge bummer

@acw It’s not as prior or not that easy so:

it’s not ded, they’ve decided to make it happen and release.
But, don’t hesitate to try it now and provide feedback, to accelerate the development.
Check out TIM Walter results at fb group Snapmaker Original/2.0 Owners Public Group | Facebook

Tried it on A250 with Dual Extruder, at first it looked like it was working well at 80mm/s for infill, 40mm/s for walls, it sure cuts 5 hours from a 20hr print, but when I actually put it to test where it mattered (long print), it failed miserably as the print shifted left on the X axis, I couldn’t tell from the camera and was away, 14hrs of print time and material wasted. Decided to update back to released firmware, unless if there is a known fix for this behavior I cannot risk any more prints.

The currently released version is known to be incapable of printing successfully, so there is no point in testing it further.

Can’t agree, there are people making successful prints with this firmware. Tim Walters from FB for example.