Good settings for new linear modules

Hi Guys,

What do you guys think are appropriate settings for the new linear modules for “average” quality?

I just got mine working and am trying to goof around with it and I really don’t even have a concept of what is appropriate.

This is particularly the case because I use simplify3d, and there are a lot more values that can be defined that are absent from the notes on the firmware release of the vibration compensation. [Now compatible with 8-lead] Vibration Compensation Beta Firmware for 2.0 Series: Stable Print Quality at Higher Speed - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

For example, they talk about on the sample pictures acceleration of 3500 mm/s. Does this apply to z?

I am throwing random numbers at things for the heck of it right now, but if anyone has any good experience with any particular configuration id like to hear about it. I have not yet found much about this for some reason.


I am confused about the “beta” vibration compensation.

I had seen some messages someplace about it being applied to the old linear modules, and then revokation of this in the short term.

What i have NOT seen so far is whether or not the vibration compensation features are built into the standard firmware for the new linear modules.

So does the firmware I have now include the vibration compensation or not with my new batch linear modules?

If not - should I download them? How does this work in terms of other changes made to the firmware if they are not a part of the standard firmware? Do they make new betas that implement the other fixes? Or is this a non-issue?

While I fully admit that I am not optimized at this point, I couldnt help but notice that when I ran a print with my old profile, it came out okay but had a LOT of artifacting.

From the forum thread you linked in in your first post I personally understood the following:

  • Vibration compensation is not in any way part of the current “official” firmware. Neither for new nor for old modules.
  • The development of the beta firmware is currently on hold, which especially means it lacks support for the quick swap kit. Meaning IMHO, that you are at high risk of running your toolhead into the buildplate if you have QSK installed and use the beta.
  • The beta supports vibration compensation both for old and new modules. I’m not aware of any post saying it was revoked.
  • In the beginning, there have been warnings that especially with the old modules higher speeds (i.e. >60 mm/s) may cause skipped steps as the controller cannot keep up, but later they seem to have improved the software, and the problem should be gone.

That said, I yet never tried the beta, but I am looking very much forward to the point this becomes official - those people that used the beta show pictures of considerably improved prints. My main concern is that Snapmaker dev team has shown a tendency to divert from the “official” Marlin development and implement existing things again in their own way. I personally find this sad, since it in the long run makes it difficult for Snapmaker to easily pick up further developments from the Marlin community. With Klipper being a strong competitor, I expect a quality jump in Marlin over time, because otherwise Marlin would just become obsolete…