Not printing the same after a blob failed print

Awhile back I had a mishap overnight, not sure what, and woke up to a melted blob in my head. I can’t seem to get it back to printing like it was before.

I did the following:

  • Cleaned it all up
  • Replaced the hot end
  • Adjusted the proximity sensor (Credit Card 0.8 mm)
  • Cleaned and re glue sticked the bed
  • Did a calibration using Snapmaker calibration but with the bed at 65° for 30 min
  • Double checked the extrusion calibration

Tried printing some bag clips I have printed 7-8 times before with same filament used before. Reused the same exact gcode file. Now I can’t seem to print them.

I have even tried:

  • Dried both of these filaments, Sunlu PLA+ (green) and SM black PLA, in a dehydrator even though I have used them fine before
  • Swapped out the Flexible build plate with a spare I had
  • Used the Gcode file from my computer to USB Stick direct to printer (previously printing from a saved file on OctoPi)
  • Replaced the Hot end with another spare
  • Readjusted the proximity sensor (1.0 mm this time) then hot calibrated again

Now I am stumped. Like I said, these were printing fine previously (black pics included) but now are a no go. I’m stumped.


My first thought was, you are too near to the bed and you are overextruding.
But, it seems your hotend is partially clogged.

Whats your retraction setting, the green video shows a long travel-move, then it doesnt extrude well for ~10mm, after this it seems fine again.- If you use Luban´s original settings, i would suggest to lower the retraction settings to 1mm@45mm/s.