Did a bad print break the 3d module? - Fairly Urgent


A few days ago, I left a very large print (almost to the edge of the bed) for an hour after seeing the initial layer looked good. I came back to find black filament everywhere and large black blobs lodged in the print module (picture 1). I did my best to remove the blobs from the module, but there is still some black filament lodged in there (picture 2).
I then cleaned the print bed, releveled the print bed, and gave it another go with yellow. One side was jagged and rough and the other side printed in strings that didn’t attach (pictures 3+4). I tried an old print because I thought maybe it was just the size. It worked for the most part but the filament seemed thinner and pressed more to the bed than normal despite the same settings (picture 5).
I’m trying to get things fixed ASAP because we are printing something for a great business partner and they need it soon. Should I just buy a new module?

Any ideas? Your help is super appreciated!

Update on picture 5:

It turns out that printed as desired. I just had the print set to brim instead of raft. So it appears to be fine with small prints.

A couple of things. First, make sure you recalibrated the bed after cleaning out the module. If this doesn’t help, try switching to the spare hotend to see if that makes a difference.

As a note, it looks like the part cooling duct is misshapen which is not unusual when you get a blob. Make sure air is flowing through it freely as a lack of part cooling can affect the quality of your parts.

Finally, it would be worth trying to figure out what caused the blob to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The usual cause is the part dislodging, and it looks like that may have happened here, but things like filament leakage can also cause issues.