Not all Filaments are the same


Another good video on Temperature towers

learning, learning, learning …and having fun


No worries @doug. I’m just sharing other people’s work😊
A quick question. I noticed that you have an IR thermometer. Is the Snapmaker indicated temperature consistent with what you see on the thermometer?


When I point the thermometer at the build plate, which is set for 70c the reading is 65c and that is consistent around the plate.


Thanks Doug. That video was very useful.


Thanks Doug. That is consistent with what I was thinking. Is you machine accurate enough to read the nozzle temp?

I have found so far that I need to have the indicated temperature set a bit higher than expected to get the best result. I currently have the bed at at 65 for PLA and 80 for PETG (but that might change!)


Hi @rick

I did try the testing the nozzle temp when I acquired the thermometer and had no luck, it was showing a much lower temperature. Obviously the temperature that we set is for the heater element/block and that is not being transferred to the nozzle.



Of course. The temperature is measured where the thermocouple is at - buried deep in the filament heating system.


OK. Calicat was a bit of a fail. Looks like I need to increase retraction and increase the extrusion multiplier and see what that does.


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Like all newbies i started with Snapmaker3D and it worked like a charm, in fact I still use it on some builds. I then started using Cura, which offers many more options and I use this most of the time. I see that you and a few others are using Simplify3D. Do you consider it an improvement on using Cura.?

My thirst to learn and improve is driving me further.



I haven’t done any objective testing yet but the results from Simplify 3D appear better looking and seem to print faster. This may be confirmation bias as the expenditure was substantial!
When I get the time I’ll try and do some comparison prints.
I really liked the ‘work flow’ of Simplify 3D, but Cura was pretty good too.
So, it’s early days, but I think Simplify 3D is better. Is it worth the money? Hard to say yet. I could have bought a lot of filament for the price of Simplify 3D.

My printing with PETG is improving and after the poor Calicat episode I have had much improvement by changing a few parameters. :blush:I’ll have some pictures up soon.



Thanks for that, much appreciated. I have taken the leap and purchased a copy. I consider it to be another tool in the toolbox. No doubt each application will have some benefits & features that differentiate them… we can now cover all bases.



That’s great @doug. I hope you find it useful. Simplify 3D has some good tutorial videos.

I’m still running the parameters for PETG printing but things are improving.

The finish is still not as good as the PLA but it’s getting better. That layered finish on the second carabiner is part of the design .


I am just running my first print using Simplify3D… wow…I set it up to work.

There are heaps of things to learn with this little gem

I am having fun



Hi @rick

The first little object printed well with Simplify3D. I have just fired off this print which is a prototype part for my project. the rectangular shape is 96x96mm.

I am just using the default settings, other than the start and end gcodes, plus the temperatures and I had to change the origin as the first layer was off the build plate. Fixed and going again. Further prints I will need to slow it down, it is going like a Ferrari at the moment, which I don’t mind, so that I can see how this part would fit in my project. I am most interested to see the print quality given that is is going so fast.

I am using Proto-Plasta HTPLA at temps of 220c /70c


learning, learning, learning



Hi @rick

wow, I cannot bevel the difference in printing just by using Simplify3d. This is part finished as clean as whistle, even when it printed so fast.

I have a lot of testing and exploring now to do with Simplify3D



Sounds like Simplify3d is worth it, despite it’s hefty price tag. I’ll need to save up and try it too. How does it compare to Cura and Snapmaker3d?


Hi @kelvin8r

As a newbie I am unqualified to give you an assessment at this stage. Ask @rick and @rojaljelly they are for more knowledgeable than I.

All I can tell you is that I started using Simplify3D today and the two projects that I printed had a great finish and were printed faster, just using the default settings…I have lots to learn and try



I printed a lithophane with Simplify3D that I have previously printed with SnapMaker3d

wow, wow, wow the quality is so much greater and the time taken was a quarter of the original.

Now the quality may because of a different filament, however I am seriously impressed with Simplify3D

Have a great week



@Doug Your experience echoes mine. I didn’t want to be too enthusiastic and tip you or others into making the purchase so I’m glad you are having good results. I have found I can print PLA at very high speeds - even up to 100 mm/s with good results. I am finding PETG needs much slower speeds.

I think I will settle on PLA for most things as the finish is so good. I will probably use PETG where I need more strength, durability and resistance to heat.

The journey continues…