All PLA white spools are not created equally

An interesting gotcha. Ran a large project in PLA white. Had to change the spool at 90% completed. 2nd spool is a different flavor of “white”.
Both PLA white spools are from SnapMaker. Is there a lot number somewhere on the spool that will improve my chances of white being the same white? I didn’t find anything but want to make sure.

If you are looking for consistency, I would recommend using a different brand of filament. Though it’s gotten better, the QA and consistency of the Snapmaker spools still aren’t great.


SM doesn’t make their own filament.
No idea if they always use the same supplier.
They have definitely changed suppliers from what they originally used which had lots of problems. It used to be inconsistently terrible. Now it’s just consistently mediocre. :wink:
There are plenty of better filament brands out there. Not like SM is any cheaper.


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Ideally, buy one of the better filament brands where they provide Pantone colour matches for their product (if nothing else, that’s a form of guarantee that you can get huffy about if the spools don’t match).

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testing out tianse white PLA filament now.

Question 1:
Is for filament settings what is recommended?

Question 2:
Is it old filament? Believe it or not but humidity can make PLA go bad…