Gaps in walls only on one side

Hey guys. I have a A350T with the dual extrusion module which has actually been working great right out of the box for me until now. I’m printing the frame for the 100 3d printer. If you don’t know what that is it’s definitely a project worth looking into. However on walls facing one direction I have these gaps. I calibrated my e steps and slicer flow last night. Sliced with cura using the dual extruder profile adjusted for what settings he recommends to print the frame in. Printed over octoprint. He did use some settings I generally haven’t like .25 layer height and .5 line width. Could that possibly be the issue? It’s just weird to me it’s on one side. Thanks

I agree that it’s pretty weird if it’s only on one side. Are the walls smooth on the opposite side?.. I don’t see how the layer height or line width setting could cause such an issue. Did you look at the gcode preview to make sure that it’s not a slicing issue?

I don’t see an enclosure. Are you using the filament holder in the default location? I’ve heard some 2.0 users had some filament binding issues that they resolved by relocating the spool or getting a filament feed guide.

I had the filament bind when the spool was getting near the end and the print head was moving right (X+). I heard it grinding the filament, then the spool snapping loose. I manually unwound a bit of filament to finish the print. Then printed a different mount that lets the spool be in the same orientation as the Y axis, not the Original’s location being parallel to the X axis. Now the only times I have feed issues is when I let the filament get tangled on the spool.

I do have the enclosure with the spools in the default location. That is an interesting idea though I will definitely look into that and check the sliced file when I get home. Thank you guys

So it turns out it was layer shifting when I got home to look at it. Anybody familiar with how to fix that on a snapmaker? Usually id check belts but I don’t know what to do with these rails

If it’s layershifting, it should not be on one side only?

What would this be? It didn’t preview that way in the slicer

Yes those are layershifts. There are several possible reasons for this. I would start with upgrading to latest firmware and try again at half the speed with reasonable nozzletemperature. That will narrow it down a bit…

I’m assuming this is PLA?

Oh yes sorry I forgot to put material and settings. Elegoo PLA 200 hotend and 60 bed temp. I will give that a shot tonight. I appreciate your help

So it’s not just on one side…

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This was helpful.