Any success with "brittle" filaments like Laybrick

Has anyone tried and failed or tried and succeeded using filaments like Laybrick with the Snapmaker 2.0?
I can manually feed the filament and it extrudes like butter through the hot end, but loading using the control panel snaps the filament, and starting a print after manually loading does the same.
I’m thinking that the gear and roller is putting too much pressure on the filament which doesn’t want to flex much. I’m considering pre-compressing a couple of the roller spring coils to reduce the load, maybe by printing a clip that would hold a couple of them.
Any other ideas? A smaller roller with an o-ring or rubber surface to hug the filament?
The metal to metal roller/gear combo just doesn’t do it.
Thanks for your thoughts.

Have you investigated the angle at which the filament enters the module? I’ve seen a few modifications on this forum that add a bowden style tube (with appropriate termination) to the module to control the filament feeding in both angle and pull during large movements.