no movement after firmware update

I assembled snapmaker and was able to do a self level, and then went to the computer downloaded software and tried to send a file to the 3D printer was only getting a white window. So I updated firmware on snapmaker touch screen and now I have no movement. When starting up I hear a clunk and then another click a couple seconds later and that’s it. When I go to do a self level test it says it has a problem and cannot perform leveling
please advise. I am hoping it is just something simple that I am overlooking I am not very techie but find 3D printers to be very interesting

What does your touchscreen show after you start it up, can you see details of the machine and what is attached, e.g. 3D Print head tool, or does it just show the printer name? I just updated Luban and had a similar issue. I don’t know why but what happened is the printer didn’t know what tool head was connected so it wouldn’t do anything. I had to power down, pull out the tool head cable from the 3D head and plug in to the laser head. When I powered back up I could see details and now home the machine. Powered back down and plugged back in the 3D Head and was good to go. There is a troubleshooting guide at that gave me some guidance.
Good Luck!