Newbies First successful projects

Ramesh here ,. Greetings to all,
Hope all are safe .
I would like have members who are created their first successful projects in SM2 kindly share the pictures so that everyone will understand and correct their settings of each module.

By seeing and reading many users am eagerly waiting for my SM2.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community, these are my first projects:


Xchrisd ,
Thank you for sharing these are nice projects.
And kindly share laser work and wood milling projects.
Have a great time.
And waiting for your next project.

What settings are people using especially for their first layers? When I use Luban and the default print settings (Fast/Normal/High Quality) I always get some bed adhesion issues even if I print immediately after doing a fresh re-calibration. It seems leaving the bed heading for a while makes a difference.

Hey, i print the first layer every time with 120% width and at slow speeds like 8-16mm/s. (depending on the calibration)
I would recommend you to make your own profiles in luban.

@Davidius, i think this thread is a showcase thread, may you ask your questions in other or your own thread :wink:


Laser, 36h, Best Quality, 10p/mm,
260mm x 155mm, material: formwork panel [DOKA Schalung]


It’s wonderful picture you did on laser. Thanks for sharing.
Can you please share image settings and time for completing this project. And wood material.
Thanks in advance.

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Pair of Earrings made from the sample acrylic. Haven’t sanded the edges yet, but pretty happy with this result. Simple 2D CNC designed in Fusion 360. Luban borked on my SVG from Inkscape, which is a little sad. Also found docs out-of-date on both Autodesk and SnapMaker side.


Made a spacer for the A350 Enclosure so that I can mount the spool holder facing the other way:


In Action:

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My first image laser print:

Color picture edited and grey-scaled in GIMP, then loaded into Luban.
Printed on veneer ceiling panel leftovers.