Newbie - Which machine do I have?

In the Luban software you are asked to select the snap maker machine via photographs. I have either the original or the A150. I can’t find any identifier on the box or equipment since the photos I can’t distinguish which is which.

How do I find the firmware version number?

How do I know the Luban version?

Love the machining and mechanics but the software is incredibly challenging. Any step by step help here would be wonderful

Should be easy to determine wether you have the original or the A150. Do the linear modules have a steelstrip attached i.e. are they closed? Then it’s a A150.
Another point to check is the PSU: is it Aluminium or Plastic? Plastic would be Classic, Aluminium is the A150. It’s the same for the Controller.
Also beneath the photos Luban should tell you which machine you are choosing:

The Luban version is located at the top left corner of the window:

You can also press the button at the bottom left corner. In the following window it tells you the version as well:

Thank you, I apparently have the original

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