Newbie trying to figure out big svg file (laser)

I am a complete newbie! I have had my snapmaker 350 for a year and have done several 3d prints. Now I am trying to figure out the laser. I downloaded a snowglobe svg file from Etsy and it came with all of the different layer cuts in one file and of course is way to big for the workspace/ my wood piece. How can I separate it? At this point, I don’t even see the cuts on the workspace until I generate a preview, and then it is waaay off to the right.
Please help this newbie!:wink:

For manipulating the contents of .svg files, the best option is probably Inkscape ( It will allow you to separate the various parts of your file and place them in separate files or lay them out side-by-side. Luban won’t do more than load the files as-is, and sometimes messes up on even that because it doesn’t have a complete implementation of the format.

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