Newbie requires assistance in Sydney

Hi Snapmakers Sydney,

I have newly acquired Smapmaker and am having troubles getting off the ground in the 3D platform.
Is there any one that could assist me?
system check, laser working check 3d… nothing printed
I seem to get all the perimeter working on the system side however once I try to get a print going the unit seem to just not do anything.

1.5 weeks of doing nothing it driving me up the wall.

I just think that it may not be me right now but have no bench mark to go step by step to see were this stoppage is happening.

if anyone could assist me I would appreciate it as it.

George Southern Sydney

I’m in the states, so I can’t assist in person.

Starting with the 3D print head, are you able to complete the calibration steps, and jog the print head in all directions in all dimensions?
Does the unit stay powered on while it’s sitting idle?
Are you printing from a computer via USB cable, or using a USB drive? I’d recommend using a USB drive to start, to simplify things.
When you start a print, do you see the temperatures on the display start updating? My nozzle temperature takes 3-5 seconds before it starts warming up. The bed takes a bit longer before it starts warming up.
When you start a print, does the display indicate what the target temperatures are for the nozzle and bed? If either one shows a target temp of 0ºC, then there’s a problem with the temperature sensors, and it won’t ever start.

The print head won’t start doing anything until both the nozzle temperature and bed temperature have come up to target temps, and stabilized. Even then, there’s a bit of a delay before it repositions, then primes the print nozzle. My snapmaker takes about 90 seconds to get the nozzle up to 210ºC, and 2min 20sec to get the bed up to 60ºC. Then it moves, and nozzle priming happens around 2min 45sec.

Thanks CLEWIS, for getting back to me :smile I hope the States are treating your well. Sydney us under smoke attack from all the fires we are having and the entire city is covered in bush fire smoke worse than China at this point, however looking forward to summer.

1 I can calibrate the printer head and jog the printer head - all good at that level.
2 Does the unit stay powered on while it’s sitting idle? Hmm a little lost with this question the unit appears to be in the Home position front LHS after calibration with filament coming from the printer head stringing our as gravity allows it to come out of the printer head.
3 I have tried to print from both my computer with cable and USB
3a the computer slicer appears to want to send G code to the unit and get it moving however every thing stays still
3b the USB file appears to be there however no action from the printer head
4 The printer head temp goes up to 210 degree and hovers around the 200 ish area ready to print but dose’t move towards the bed. this poses a question. the bed ten sits at about 24 degrees Hmm not changing, this about room temp at present. possible as you suggested the temp sensor - were is this located and how do I narrow done to that? as I can defiantly used the laser to drawer and cut paper.

I have covered the printer base with blue tape to assist in removal of any project however not single peace of filament has been laid not a single one the 3d side of things is idle with no action.

this is what is baffling me I used CNC g code and think I have reasonable understanding of what should come next.
However I feel that I may be missing some thing alternitively I and complete lost
any assistance at this point would be great.

Syd Australia

It sounds like the heater in the bed is not working correctly. As a test, turn the unit on, and see what the current bed temperature is (mine is currently 23ºC). Then customize the material settings in SnapmakerJS, and tell it to heat the bed to that temp (I’d use 23ºC). Or maybe just turn off “Has Heated Build Plate”?

If that works, it’s possible that you have the bed plugged into the wrong port. It’s also possible that the bed is bad. If it doesn’t work after verifying the correct port, I’d contact

Thanks for getting back to me once again.
We have progressed a little since last time.
yes the bed was plugged into the wrong port.
problem solved and 3d printer WAS working and managed to run a test or 2. 2 the be exact.

However since getting up and running on Tuesday night the following has occurred:
Error:Heating failed, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0

G28 ;Home (line=12)
Error:Printer halted. kill() called!
others < Heating failed
This error has stopped any further testing .
as well as:
I don’t have the “Custom Materials” buttons as per what your are showing me?
I also can not see the long description when adjusting the “F” and “S” setting it seem to be off the page and can only read

I feel that somethings are just not working for me.
any thoughts?

I really appreciate that face that you are getting back to me.

Looks like I didn’t upgrade SnapmakerJS. Now that I upgraded to 2.6.1, it’s the little plus icon to the right of PLA, followed by the edit (pencil) icon. Don’t forget to save (check box icon) after you make your changes. I find that printing the initial layer at 210ºC at the bed at 60ºC helps with print adhesion. The rest of the layers are at the recommended 200ºC / 50ºC. Your mileage will vary, as other people have said this change causes their prints to pull off the bed during printing.

The error message doesn’t tell you if the heater failure was the nozzle or the bed though. And as soon as you stop printing, both are going to start cooling off. If you start another test print (cancel before it starts printing), do both start heating up on the display?

It’s possible the heater was damaged by plugging it into the wrong port. I haven’t seen any forum posts about that, and I’ve seen a few people that have plugged the bed in to the wrong port. I assume you plugged the heater bed into port 4 or 5? Both of those ports are to drive the Z axis, so some commands would have been sent on those ports during the calibration phase.

Hi Craig,

Once again thanks go getting in touch.
I really appreciate the communication on these matters.
I now have a screen with “Custom Materials” button followed your instructions and bam it happened.

On the other hand once I changed the port I was able to print a trial run, YEP looked terrible 1st run well what can I say I looked like a fool. true amateur
Then I ran a scale cube once again persisted and came unstuck at the very end, ill eventually get there is what I’m thinking.
The 2 things you pointed out was the nozzle temp and bed temp have to come to the right temp before anything happens. NOTE to self and again got the machine moving. Thanks for the tips.
However got my next small project running, this was to run a 3mm x 50mm x 12mm platform with my name cut our and it worked too, not a great finish but ran to completion.
Now getting my confidence up a would run another small program to make a keyring with someones name, “WEEKS”

Though it would be a good little project for xmas gift to a work friend, this is were all went pear shaped…

I drew it in google sketch up and attempted to print. No action
tried once again nothing, Hmmmm temp on nozzle not getting hot sitting at room temp 23 degrees, tried and tried to get it working and the only thing that happened is a “Click” just 1 and everything freezes the temp shows “0” and bed showing the same .
I can not control the touch screen and have shut the program on the Mac and the unit off completely and re fire it all up again.
I have looked at the nozzle and all assisted part and all appears to be in working order.

I took the weekend off though it may be a glish, come back this afternoon same error .
this is what it looks like before starting.

This it what happens when 200 degrees not achieved

a click and this happens.
Is it just me now, or am I just ? Any suggestions ?

Just when I though I had a grip sin 3D printing.

Once again thank you for giving me your time to help me with this machine.
Sydney Oz

It looks like your nozzle isn’t heating up at all. The Bed temp (B: 33.4 /50.0) is higher than when you started, and increased a bit from line 2 to line 3. But the nozzle (T:27.5 /200.0) isn’t changing. My nozzle heats up faster than the bed, and it’s above 100ºC by the time the bed has added 10ºC.

Since this is a new unit, I’d contact

Hi Craig,

I looked at the support page and it advises to get in touch with the store I punched the unit from, which I did today and they advised to email them with the detail in which they will advise me asap what to do next.

Lets wait and see, ill keep you posted.
BTW I tried to action the 3d head and or see if there was anything stuck in the feed area with no luck and tried to get the nozzle to heat up with no luck.

thanks for responding to me with all your knowledge.

kind regards
George Sydney Oz