Heated Bed, no longer heated, cold to the touch

I have been using the Snapmake with reasonable success. However my last two print jobs have curled up at the edges. I read the forum and the book, How to solve common 3D printing problems, AMAZON - and it pointed me to the fact the Heated Bed is not hot enough. I started a test print job to see how hot the bed is running. I discovered it is not, at all. The heated Bed is no longer heating.

a.) is there a solution to this?
(I have tried the basic, made sure the cables are connected to the correct ports. Everything is connected correctly.)
b.) How do I submit a service request for a replacement heated bed?

Thank you for your help in this matter.

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Hi @TX-3d @Rainie

Doug the newbie here. @Rainie created a topic on this forum that contains the Warranty Request form.

Alternatively, have a look at URL https://www.snapmaker.com/repair that has an online warranty request application.

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If your Snapmaker will not escalate the bed plate temperature, check the RJ25 connector cable. At some point either the bed melted or rubbed hard enough against the cable to do enough damage to render the cable useless. I have a small cache of Snapmaker parts in supply just in case, and once I replaced the RJ25 cable, full function was restored. The damage to the original cable was minuscule (very slight rubbing/melting damage), but it was enough to stop the function. Hope this helps someone else.