Newbie questions on printing

  1. how can you stop 3d printing and than resume where it left off.
  2. how to you delete a project your working on in the luban software.


EDIT: Didn’t notice this was about original. My answer is for a 2.0

  1. A. Pause and then unpause
    B. Unplug and then take advantage of power loss recovery feature (Doesn’t always work for everyone but I haven’t had any problems. Try a test with your firmware & machine.

  2. Select object and delete (make sure you’re in edit tab) or in 3d right click on grid and select “clear heated bed”. Or right click on object and select “delete selected model”


Thanks for the information

Sorry, didn’t see the section.
Ignore my remarks for an original.

Pause and resume is not possible from the touchscreen, I guess.
You could do this from Luban.