Can I pause and restart 3D printing

A250 connect via wifi
Luban installed in win7 (64bit), desktop PC (cable to router)

I try to print a raspberry pi case with high quality, and it may take more than 20 hours.

I start printing process at 9 am and want to pause it at 9 pm, than restart it next day. (It is too loud to work at night)

I try to use the pause button in luban of workspace page, but it seems keeping heating the nozzle and bed.

I found the demo shows what I want. (I use the power button and the demo unplug directly)

I switch off the power from button and switch on at the next day, but it doesn’t restart the printing job.

  • Is there an easy way to stop the work temporarily and restart the job? (Stop heating the nozzle and bed when the job paused)

  • Will the Power Loss Recovery feature works when I use the thumb drive? or I need to unplug directly and not allowed to use the power button?

  • When I use luban, it never shows the Finish Time and Remaining Time. Is there any option I must set?

I guess it would be possible if printing over the touchscreen (not luban over wifi or usb-connection), i haven´t tried the pause feature yet but power loss works for me if printing over the touchscreen.- unplug the powerunit and plug it in the next day, recover, go for it.

You might want to insert a wait command (G4 S60) in a spot where the layer is changing just to make things clean. But, yeah, using the power loss feature should work. I would unplug it vs turning off the power switch. Unplugging it may give it more time to do it’s power loss routines to work as the capacitors loose their juice.

Thanks for the replay.
I’ll try to use usb drive to load gcode and unplug to check if the power loss feature works.

I hope the pause and restart feature can be implemented in luban, maybe generate a temporary gcode file with unprinted content, and I can load that later to finish the whole job.

For now when I use luban to connect to snapmaker via wifi, the touch screen will be locked so I can’t do anything there. When I press the disconnect from touch screen, it pops an alarm message and told me the job will totally stopped if I press confirm…

When I press start button in luban’s workspace, I think the gcode file will be sent to snapmaker first and than do the printing job. so it is not necessary to lock the touch screen. you can just save the file in local drive and show some more available operations, maybe it will be more helpful for a user~


  1. You can click on ‘Pause’ on touchscreen. Then the nozzle and the bed temp will keep the same.
  2. Yes, the power loss will work when using thumb drive. But you need to unplug the power supply. Using the power button does not work.
  3. On Luban, you can see the time on the bottom-right corner.