New user, Any help on this filament spool issues?

Hello all,

I have a A350 and am questioning spool tightness and tension. As I am sure I am not the only one who has run into this issue, since I haven’t found it in the forum yet, I figured I would ask. When you have a spool attached to the spool holder, there are two things that drive me nuts and have caused many a print failure. I’m asking these questions because a 7 day print job failed on day 4 due to too much tension.

  1. The spools, doesn’t matter what the brand is (so far), they seem to come really tightly wound up. I have had to unspool a good deal of it, then let it be lose on the spool so it feeds smoothly. This also leads into my second question. I mean does everyone respool their filament when they get it?

  2. Any ideas on how to prevent the filament from popping around the left support beam (the one the spool is attached to)? This seems to add tension and if I am not here to lead off the filament to be lose on the spool the extra tension combined causes a print fail. The filament doesn’t feed because it is now stuck due to the tightness of the spool and being wrapped around the pole.

Yes, the simple fix for question two would be just to put the spool holder on the outside of the pole or have it on the outside of the enclosure. This would not negate the issue with the tightly wound spools and having to make sure I have enough lose on the spool for each print job. ( It takes a good tug to get it lose again)
(If these are also answered in the forum, as I have yet to find, I apologize now and would appreciate the link if anyone wouldn’t mind)


Normally, users do not need to re-spool the filament, that is quite time-consuming.

You can use this part to avoid the filament tangling issue.

If you are using the enclosure, you can open a filament hole on the top panel. A new filament holder can lead the filament more smoothly.

Yeah I tried another run and the spool knotted up and snapped again, So it is looking like I will have to unwind the spool and rewind it back on manually.