A350 Enclosure issue

Has anyone modified their enclosure? Where they have the filament spool and the entry hole through the side was a terrible design. It doesn’t flow off the spool easily and is always getting bound up. I was thinking about making a holder for the spool and blowing a hole through the top of the enclosure so it feeds freely. If you guys have any better way please let me know, along with pics so I can see how it was done before I mess up the enclosure! Thanks in advance!

The forum does have a decent search function (use filament, spool, enclosure and combination of those terms):

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I have a homemade enclosure. The filament roll sits upright on rollers in an airtight plastic container on top of the enclosure. I was originally going to drill a hole in the center of the enclosure ceiling, above the X-axis module, but went with a slot instead.