Spool Holder inside enclosure?

For the A350 and enclosure, I’m thinking of mounting the filament holder inside the enclosure instead of outside. The basic plan is to mount it on the A350 where it was before, but upside down. Basically I just don’t like where the holder is placed on the enclosure and the filament gets pulled a lot of different ways before making it to the printhead.

My question is if anyone else has tried this and what the results were.

@harkijas lots of people do it, but I recommend getting a dryer if you’re going to be putting it inside, you might as well since the single spool dryers fit perfectly inside the enclosure.

I’ve had it inside the enclosure since I got mine over a year ago with no problems. I just lowered the bracket a few screw holes. The only thing I needed to do was print a guide to keep the filament from wrapping around the tower (especially when it homes).

I haven’t found any need to keep it in a dryer. I think the heat of the SM keeps it dried out already. Maybe because I live in Southern California where it’s super dry most of the year. If you live somewhere humid you might have different results. I have a Sunlu dryer but just use it before printing.


@sdj544 I’ve found sunlu dryers to be useless, actual temp never reached above 36 regardless of what it was reading. Sovol’s seems to be pretty good though.

Mine works great. Reaches stated temp. Only thing that I might still do to improve is to do the fan mod so the air circulates, but I think it already does enough by convection. Might speed it up, but I’m always just leaving it overnight either way.


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Someone tried it with the A250 enclosure?
My first impression is that it cannot be done. But maybe someone more skillful than me succeeded…

I just got a food dehydrator and popped it in my enclosure (I also have an outlet inside my enclosure), works great for keeping the enclosure nice and hot to also avoid warping.

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So I moved the filament holder back into the enclosure and it works great for the A350. Not sure if the other sizes would have enough space or not. Don’t really need the dryer I don’t think as it’s so arid in Colorado, but I’m still playing with it.

My friend’s dinner table split from such low humidity in Denver in the winter - I’d say if anything you would need a humidifier to keep static discharge manageable.

on an A250?
(these are characters just to fill)

I have a custom enclosure (for A350), but the dehydrator should fit in the 250 enclosure, you could mount it on the ceiling of the enclosure, above the bed in the front and it shouldn’t interfere with any prints.

I can get you exact dimensions later, but I think it’s only ~250mm wide/long and maybe 100mm tall.

Esta es mi ubicacion para el filamenyo desde que adquiri el a350 y sin problema…

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Pictures? would love to see approach.

I can’t find better photos of his custom enclosure at the moment but he did post this a while ago

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neat, any downsides i should consider?

None that I’ve found. Might lose a little bit of height to print something max size, but nothing I’ve ever done has come close. I could probably raise it one set of screws and still have clearance on the top.
I don’t have an SM enclosure but it’s pretty close in size. I based my measurements off the SM one. Not sure how close it ended up. Think it’s the same height, but just a little wider and longer.
Here’s some photos:

I added bearings to help the spool roll better, and then I found that some spools tried to fall off, so I added a fender washer to the end.



I ended up doing the exact same thing :upside_down_face:
That combined with a filament guide, like you have as well, has worked flawlessly for me so far as well.

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This is how I mounted mine. You do have to drill a hole in the top panel though. I actually just replaced my top panel with a laser cut 1/4" panel, with the filament hole already cut out. You don’t have to do the Bowden tube mod I did either.

It’s much more convenient for filament changes though, as it used to be in the back right corner of the picture. I had to get on top of my table to get back to it…

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I have almost the same setup, but got (probably unnecessarily) worried about a really tall print hitting the spool if it was mounted on the “inside” like that, so I flipped the stock holder around so the spool sits directly behind the rail, instead of offset into the build area.

I had to do a bit of finagling, but the arm is long enough to hodl a standard spool far enough away if you mount it “upside down” and prop it up with an object (only one bolt holding the arm, I keep meaning to design and print a proper adapter, but my random piece of sawn plastic is doing the job great right now.

Made my thing as an actual printable object.

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