New to Printing, Prints are horrible help please

Im completely new to 3d printing so apologies if this is a dumb question/situation. So everything i’ve tried to print has come out as a stringy mess. When I say stringy i mean i tried a benchy and its just a wiry looking blob. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like you’re not getting good bed adhesion. A couple of possible causes/solutions are:

  1. The nozzle is calibrated too far from the bed. Recalibrate per the instructions.
  2. The bed is contaminated with oils or dust. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean it.
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Wiki is alway good to start:

Do a bit of searching about first layer and come back if you need more hints.

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Thanks! it was the nozzles calibrated too far. I did some recalibration and it worked!

Thanks for reporting back. I’m glad you were able to print.

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