NEW printer, first print destroys my groundplate

i just installed carefully my new printer, calibrated z-axis exactly how its described in the manual (i took an A4-paper and adjusted the nozzle so that im able to pull the paper with slight resistance and when i push its wrinkled).
After confirmation i shut down the machine at the power unit, 1h later i returned and tried to print my first module, imported an stl file to luban and started it from there. (printer is connected over WIFI)

The result you can see in the picture, so one side of my Print sheet is already destroyed. i hope the nozzle is fine…

What did i do wrong?

Right now im updating the firmware and will try again with again calibration and starting again with printing…
I am new to 3D printing, so at first i didnt understand if its filament or scratching the plate,… finaly when the groundplate was moved by the nozzle i started to think about aborting the print. Of course this took me some more seconds to shutdown. :unamused:


Likely the y-axis rails aren’t seated flush in their grooves during assembly. That would be the first thing to check, as it catches quite a few people during assembly. I wouldn’t go so far as say “destroyed”. Thankfully the print sheets are cheap and easily replaced.

No, i doublechecked that at installation. After the first slightly tightening of the y-rails, one was a little bit off and i readjusted it and both perfectly fit (its also stated in the manual, thats why i doublechecked).

I just installed the new firmware and recalibrated the z-axis and started a new print. This time everything was fine!

Dont know what happened at the first time, maybe it was a problem with the original firmware.