New Module IDEAS

A place do discuss IDEAS for different Modules (i.e. the 3D Printer, Laser Engraver, CNC cutter)
This is just meant to be a brain storming place. The good ideas worth expanding on should start up a topic on their own.


So I’ve mentioned some of these on Kickstarter and to the Snapmaker folks via email.
Some of these were also suggested by others.

  • 3D scanner. Can generate a 3D model from a real world object
  • 3D surface printer. Can print on a 3D object just created. Basically a ink-jet or similar printer that works in 3D
  • CMM. Coordinate Measuring Machine. Check the dimensions of a printed or CNC part.
  • Liquid Dispenser. Dispense any kind of liquid, glue, ceramic clay, food onto or into a 3D object.
  • Close Up Camera. Perhaps an add on to any module that will display what’s happening at the point of action. It would be nice to be able to display it via the touch pad display. It’s hard to see what happening down there!
    Cylindrical Printer. Perhaps just an attachment that turns one axis into a rotary one.

Calligraphy. Or anything relating to pens or pencils instead of Lasers.

Vinyl Cutting. This may also apply to paper and fabric. Sometimes you need a knife.

Lathe. No idea how that would fit, but it is interesting to consider.

Drill Robot Arm. Allow drilling holes in stuff already printed or CNCd at relative angles.

Automated New Item Movement. The ability to clear the field and add “the next item”. For CNC and other modules, but also to dump the 3D object to begin another.


Yeah, like a plotter. Only support 3D plotting too! After you 3D print an object, draw on it!
There is a device that can cut out 2D object from paper or plastic so you just need a module that can hold one of those knives. (It’s a pivoting type knife, pivots to match the direction you’re cutting) It would be cool to have a multi-pen head for different colors or pens and a knife. Oh, there’s an ink-jet type pen that can do any color. Something like that.


We may design some brackets for 3D Printing to support pens or knives, so everybody can print it and enjoy.

It will take a long time for snapmaker cause there are so many products waited to be produced and shipped out. :smile:

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You really do a good job, that’s just what WE ARE THINKING!

It would be years to develop all of these products, we are considering to develop some small modules first like the camera (which required a WIFI-supported controller ) .

Which one do you want most above?

Seems the most obvious, since this equipment is already virtually identical in purpose and use to CNC. Two axis with spinning/controlled blade to determine the cut.

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Which one do I want the most? Probably for starters the close up camera. Perhaps one of the easiest to impliment. We could probably use the Liquid Dispenser for applying glue to some of our products at work. I could use the CMM at work too.

What Snapmaker should do is run some polls amongst the 5000+ kickstarter supporters as to what they want the most. There will likely be a wide range of answers. I’m guessing Snapmaker will want to do the ones that are most wanted and that are reasonable to make for a good price and not a long development time.

That’s exactly what we want to do!
When it comes to a new module for future production, we will send out surveys asking the 5000+ backers for their opinions on the new modules’ function, dimensions and price. In this way, we can make products that users really want.

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I think 2D plotting will be possible with a small hack with the 3 in 1.
Just print a pen holder that can be mounted on the Z-axis. I’m not sure if the Hardware supports movment of the axes without any Printer/CNC/Laser head.
Just the same with that cutting tool.
IMO no Need for a “new” product - the upgrades can be made with the own 3D Printer…

Here’s the cutting blades I was referring to. The machine that does that kind of stuff is a “Cricut”.
Use for craft projects. My wife has one. Would be great for cutting out gaskets and the like.

Here’s what I’m referring to with Vinyl cutting

Obviously it would be limited to a smaller area. But it’s a simplistic process by comparison to 3D or CNC. And very similar to Cricut, probably be very related if not identical in procedure.

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That one is kind of like a wide continuous roll version of the Cricut (Which only does 11" x 14" I think)

I use the fixtures and four retain nuts to help fix pen and knife:


A little too simple :joy:
Well, just have fun~


I think ideally you would want some kind of attachment that would apply a spring loaded force to the pen so that you didn’t have to have a super accurate Z coordinate position. And a pen changer would be cool too. Not necessary if you have a color capable inkjet pen. Then add to that two more degrees of freedom to point it on a 3D surface. It’s fun to dream aye?


(Cylindrical?) Object Rotating mount (ie: Lathe) - For laser marking and CNC onto cylindrical objects.


Kind of like a Lathe, only it doesn’t spin fast. More like a rotary table.

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to start off a few of my ideas, below is a email copy i sent to snapmaker a while back.

anybody interested in working with me on these (and/or your) ideas, please contact me:

Add star William O. Yates<> Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 6:26 AM
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When I finally get my greedy hands on my SnapMaker, I first plan on
making a heavy duty laser module, and to beef up the entire platform
(mostly with the frame add-ons you all are already advertising at

Next will be a camera/scanner module to round out my requirements for
a 3D copier…

The laser module will be for both heavier cutting (25-40W), and to
research/investigate a few ideas centered around a free-space powder
sprayer/laser stinter setup.
(stintering will require 100-150W for metal powder, but only 20-50W
for polyX materials…)

IF/When I complete a module (or more), could we work out a license
deal of some sort?

I am semi-retired, after 30+ years in silicon valley, mostly working
research/medical as a systems consultant, so my skillcraft is more
towards research/design than anything else…
(but sure would like a nickle or few… :slight_smile:

I was already working on a multi-machine system (based loosely on the
Smith machine center (mill/lathe)) when I came across the SnapMaker…

I luv the SnapMaker module approach, by which I will raise the bet to
use multiple modules at the same time… (laser/scanner with
power-laser and polyX print-head)

So the SnapMaker gave my ultimate design a much needed boost… (I b
a 1 man company now… :wink:

Anywayz, thar b my thoughts…


btw: WHEN will my greedy hands touch MY SnapMaker?

btw2: Also, can I get schematics/blue prints of the SnamMaker system/modules?
(Sure would reduce my work efforts to make upgrades/modules…)

btw3: Do you get that I am more interested in upgrading the SnapMaker
than USING it to make end user products (I am/was a systems guy after

[ hard/firm/soft/wet-warez hacker/tinker has been my life, started
young, never grew out of it… ]



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What about a light in the under side of the heads, as I struggle to see detail of what we are printing or etching and have to use my phone torch…


That’s true! A small White LED under the printing head would be nice!