I would like to see a scanner module


Hi All

At some point in the future developments I would like to see a Scanner module that integrates with the Snapmaker. I am sure many members would appreciate dropping an existing object on the bed plate, scanning it then printing a replica. Snapmaker can become a replicator (just like the ones on Star Trek :rofl::joy::rofl:)

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You can already do it with 2 picture on fusion 360 :slight_smile:OK. it takes a little of work but works great.
there is some tutorials where they take 2 picture (front and side) and create the boject using actual photo taken by a phone.
Just an idea.


Nonsense, but things like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:740357 can help.


Thanks all, I am not interested in a amateur home built solution; am looking for an integrated professional solution.


I feel like the Ciclop is going to be a better scanner than anything Snapmaker1 could do.

Without rotational movement, the snapmaker can only scan from above, not the sides. Even if they somehow made a module with a rotating camera, the tiny build volume is going to mean that the largest thing you could scan would be like 25mm³. The larger Snapmaker2 might be able to accommodate a reasonable volume.

If you want professional, you’re probably better off contacting a 3D scanning service. It’s not going to be cheap, but they’re going to have better equipment, and know how to use it properly. I believe there’s quite a bit of post-processing to get a usable model from a scan. I’m a noob, and still struggling to make basic changes to parts I download.


I am thinking ahead, maybe and integrated solution in a Snapmaker 3. Time and technologies change so by then there may be a good solution.



I didn’t necessarily want to show or recommend the Ciclop as a role model, but you can even buy this device. At Thingiverse you can also find other versions and I could also bring examples from Arduino forums or Youtube. Why the stupidest idea to use a 3D printer for scanning doesn’t die out is probably because some printer manufacturer actually had this nonsense in their program.
Did he also find fools who bought this module?


Better ideas you will find with “photogrammetrie” on Youtube !