New firmware won't load right extruder and gets stuck

I just updated the firmware on my Artisan and now I’m stuck in the filament load sequence with no way to get out and do things manually. Power-cycling the controller just takes me back to the setup. Is there a command I can send to the machine to get it out of this mode? Can I downgrade the firmware and, if so, how? I don’t see an Artisan controller firmware repository, just one for reporting issues.

OK, I found a forum post with all the firmware versions in it, so I downgraded back to to 2.5.16 (from 2.5.21) and the problem is still there. I’m guessing my right runout sensor isn’t working after I upgraded it. Still, there should be a way to get around the automatic setup and do the setup manually.

Well, I’m stumped. I went back to 2.4.9 and the same thing happens. Time to open a support ticket.

I found a workaround: I created a G-code file with a couple of “G1029” commands in an attempt to force an automatic bed level. That didn’t work, but it kicked the controller out of the setup trap I was in. I discovered that my right extruder runout sensor has failed (with the repair kit installed), so I’ll try swapping that out with an extra I have from when I lost a small piece of the runout sensor hardware and was sent a full repair kit to replace it. I was able to use the “M412 S0” command to disable runout detection so I could do the X-Y dual nozzle calibration.

I got my module fixed. The switch on the runout sensor board was broken. Fortunately, I had a spare from when I lost one of the small discs from the repair kit and SM sent me a whole new repair kit.

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