A350 Filament Runout No longer Working Since Firmware Update

Had my printer a little over a month. This is my 3rd FDM printer, and my 2nd “high end” system. “Auto-calibration” has been incredibly poor, but the issue I have now is filament runout. It worked on the 1st set of print I did, with the firmware it shipped with in ~August/Sept. It has not worked since flashing to the latest firmware. I was 40% into a 100 hour print and just checked the print this morning, nothing but air and the filament completely empty. Has anyone experienced the system NOT detecting runout and not stopping?

Thank you for any ideas.

Anyone else feeling buyers remorse?

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I started having the same issue, and suspected it was from updating the firmware. Happy to find this on here, but sad there are no replies (after several months). would definitely be nice to have that working. one of the big selling points for me to have this feature.

Plenty of discussion on here about filament runout sensor and adjusting it.
Usually the problem is the opposite but the same principles apply to it.
Also been lot of discussion about firmware. You can always revert.
1.9 is most stable.

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runout should work if executing jobs from the touch screen.

however firmware 1.9 is the most stable and may help

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I did end up finding another topic where it was all covered more thoroughly after replying to this one. Appreciate the response anyway for sure. I guess I expected the sensor to work regardless of how the gcode was loaded into the machine. Kind of a bummer that it doesn’t. For some of the stuff I’m trying to do, Luban doesn’t seem good enough in some cases. I will run a test working from the touch screen and see if my runout sensor works. I know at least one of the times I remember it not working I was using the usb stick.

you’re better off not relying on luban anyhow, its just asking for problems.

happy printing

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Probably true. I just really wanted the filament runout sensor to work. Was a real nice feature and one of the selling points for me. Anyway, on to the cnc carving now… where luban seems even worse. Trying to set up really basic things and it keeps doing weird things that I cant make much sense out of. Switching to Fusion 360 and learning how to set up through that instead

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I think you will quickly find out that luban is really only good for sending your .gcode, .nc or .cnc files to the Snapmaker over wifi unless you are fairly new to all three functions. Luban is fine for simple projects but really doesnt have the “meat” required for anything more complicated.

For CNC I use F360 to generate toolpaths and post process to generate .gcode. For 3DP most people use S3D, CURA or Prusaslicer as they have a far more robust feature set and community. Finally, for laser a lot of people seem to use lightburn (including myself) and it just makes setting up jobs so much easier and it processes .dxf files and other 2D file formats correctly (Luban has problems processing curves and instead turns them into polygons).

For your specific issue with filament runout, this should work fine when sending files over wifi to the printer (works fine on 1.10.1 as I have used this feature multiple time in the last week on this firmware). I have found luban fine for uploading jobs up to 100Mb in size over wifi, anything above this sometimes has issues but generally will still transfer fine.

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Wow, thanks. Yeah I’m about to learn to set up my cnc work in fusion, and I believe I already have lightburn downloaded to try out. Will check them out today

I just had this issue as well (runout not being detected). @dyermi did you end up finding any solution?

My filament ran out in the middle of a multi-day print, and I was able to hack up the g-code and resume the print, but obviously I don’t want to have to do that every time!

My print is still running, so I haven’t had a chance to check my sensor. I did recently swap hotends, though, so I wonder if that bunged the sensor up…

@TheloniousBonk I never did anything with it. Just assumed I didn’t load the file the one way that the feature actually works. Kind of ridiculous to me that it only works under special circumstances… But w/e. Just planning on treating it like every other printer that doesn’t have a sensor for a bit to play it safe.

I had a similar experience but found that the run out switch had jammed after a filament had broken due to binding of the reel. The adjustment of the switch is very touchy as the pocket the switch sits in is very tight and the switch arm can bind easily. Took me a couple of tries to get it correctly positioned. I am using the 1.12 version of firmware just released at the end of March