Keep getting filament runout error message on both modules

I keep getting the filament runout message on both the left and right side. When I do “load filament” without changing anything, the filament comes out fine but as soon as the print starts, the filament runout message pops up.

Is it possible both of my sensors went bad at the same time?

Seems this is the known filament run out problem, for which snapmaker sends the repair kit with replacement sensors.
If you haven’t changed them yet, then it’s time to do so.
If you haven’t got the kit then contact snapmaker support.

Best of luck.

In the meantime, you can add the following to the beginning of your g-code to disable the runout sensors:

M412 S0
M412 S0

Got it too, replaced the sensors and spacers with the repair kit.

Attention, the wires of the steppers at the stepper housing break very easily!

It was weird that both extruders were displaying this message at the same time but I swapped the filament runout and my problems are fixed.

Which is why I used silicone sealant on the wires of both steppers when I had to replace one of them for a broken wire. They really should ship with strain reliefs on them.