New F-linear modules

On those of you who print slow: Did you “upgrade” your module for better print cooling? E.g. by adding an external fan or using the new printing module? For those filaments that can be cooled without negative side effects (e.g. PLA) this allows for much higher printing speeds and usually even gives better results. The original printing module was very bad at print cooling if unmodified. For reference: I typically print at 60 mm/s on the SM2 (with added fan) and have no issues, and on my old CoreXY-printer I ventured up to 120 mm/s, which however caused some ringing visible in the print, so more typically I’d run 100 mm/s.
Especially with the huge build volume of A350 faster printing speeds are desirable…

Just watched the video @TheBlackfish linked in, and indeed it is very clear: Only the 733 backers that backed both SM Original and SM 2 get this 10%. Lucky them :slight_smile:

Too bad :frowning: Would have been nice with the 50% on the new items …

The head is easy, the bed is the troublesome bit - plus the downtime for the manual calibration of the 3D printer setup, the test prints to ensure everything is reasonably level, and so forth. I already have a ton of projects to get through that are entirely unrelated to 3-D printing, so the SM2 gathers a lot of dust because if I have to spend hours fiddling with the thing to get it to produce a part, it gets bumped down on the priority list.

Regarding the fan: yep, did the mod, took it off. I have to turn off cooling for this particular filament, so I doubt that adding more cooling would make it print better when run faster. But maybe it will, who knows? It works now so it’s going to stay in this setup until I’m snowed in and too tired to put in time in the wood shop.

The SM2 is my first and only 3D printer. It hasn’t inspired me to try others. Not really sure what the argument is there - the filament likes slow printing on the SM2, but might not require this on other printers, therefore the new linear modules are worth the money?