Living under a rock?

Apparently I have been under said rock. I’ve been ignoring this forum until recently, but now I see refs to T and F versions. Just what? Seems to be that Snapmaker got around to fixing significant problems from the initial KS version? (BTW, my original 2.0 has been working fine, hundreds of hours on it so far). So, just what are the differences? I’ll also say I never got anything from Snapmaker about upgrades, etc. Given the exorbitant price of the new linear modules, I’m not going to ever upgrade. But, I’m still a happy camper, just a bit annoyed.

Lots of different threads with discussion on this.
Try a search.
FYI, you can get a 50% off code for ‘upgraded’ (different?) linear modules as well as power supply and printhead. You should’ve gotten one. Can ask for one from support…

Don’t be, it’s mostly marketing.

F comes with the FDM head only, no laser or CNC
T is new faster/quieter rails. Heck new F might have those too just not the alternative heads, I dunno.

I personally was more interested in the 10W laser although others complained it appears too expensive. Almost here, I’ll see, I never really “launched” much with the 1.6W as it felt too limiting. (I never use CNC because machine is in my man cave next to my Simpit and computer etc and I don’t want to generate dust…)

I did pick up a pack of the new rails to hold in reserve as backups since I’m well out of warranty now and got them for the 50% off. (A250 user.)