New 3D toolhead hotend


Before I replaced my 3D printing toolhead with the 2.5 version I bought a few spare hotend kits. Are the older replacement hotend kits compatible with the newer toolhead? Or will I now need to purchases 2.5-specific hotend kits?

I don’t want to take my current setup apart just to find out, seeing as its mostly working well for now.

As far as I know, the new hotend is the one being shipped when people order the spares. It’s the one I received when I ordered it from the Snapmaker store on Amazon. But for ones you bought earlier they should work in the new head


The original snakmaker 2 hotends will work in the new 3d module. They are just a bit wider.


I have to make it clear in this post.

We have put the newly-designed hot end kit in our online store, which can be used in the original 3D printing module and the upgraded one. It is a little wider than the old hot end kit.

User cannot buy the old hot end kit now. The old one cannot be used in the upgraded 3D printing module.


Well, I did it, and it worked for me. Guess I don’t need to buy and new hotend kits just yet

Just realized that the old hot end kits I purchased as spares, won’t work with the new module :frowning:

The nozzle and the sensor will be too far apart (more than the thickness of a credit card), even if you lower the sensor to the lowest point.


@TheBlackfish yeah that’s a bit of a pain. I’ve never had the old version so I can’t say for sure but people have stated that they still fit into the new head, but apparently it wasn’t taken into account how the sensor can’t be adjusted to it.