My Z offset is off

I’m trying to laser engrave using Lightburn but it keeps starting my engraving at the very top instead of a certain small offset from the material. Anyone know what I’m taking about and could help?

Perhaps you make the same mistake I made? Lightburn "Enable Z axis" with Rotary added a move up in Z by 10 mm --> Learn from my mistake

So basically just turn off the enable z axis and it will default to the support and material thickness?

If you disable Z-Axis, Lightburn will not send any Z-commands → Laser will start at work origin.

You can set it on the snapmaker touchpad correct?

Thats how I do it. Not sure if Lightburn or Luban ofer this as well - I suppose so. My personal workflow is all revolving around using the touchscreen - I like it that my Snapmaker can run independent from my computer running.

Yeah it is nice. It would be nice if Luban could handle a file that has cutting and engraving in the same job like this one. Then I could just use Luban but I can’t.

You could make copies of that file and in each erase the profiles that you don’t need and bring them into Luban and create separate tool-paths for each.

You would just overlay them then?

Yes. But you would have to be careful about not moving them individually. I can’t find a way to lock them together. And another problem is that you can’t see through one image to the other in Luban as far as I know. Two of the many basic problems of Etch-a-Sketch Luban.
You could make one Gcode or several and send them separately.

In lightburn not a problem.

First learn good use of lightburn. Read the snapmaker treads on the lightburn forum. There are many. Some with good explanation how to configure the snapmaker.

If all good? The only thing that you must do, setting the correct thickness for the material, speed and power for each layer.

Have you set the start from: to current position or user origin? You must use absolute coords.

Tip: Accurate, Repeatable Laser Guide

I’ve done both cutting and Engraving directly in lubon because I don’t have light burn. As someone else pointed out you just import the cut and the engrave lines separately. When you’re creating your artworks make sure you create some sort of a little fiducial or something so that you can be sure to align one relative to the other.

I’ve been using this tamp stand for… 2 years now?