A350 laser engrave on uneven materials

Hi all,

I’ve just received my A350 and am trying to figure out how it all works. Firstly, kudos to Snapmaker, brilliantly packaged, and top notch manufacturing made it a joy to set up. Having made dozens of ‘flat pack’ things over the years it’s not often I get to say that! Only the glossy instruction book let it down slightly, some of the pages were in the wrong order (laser setup for example) which was a shame.

One of the “selling points” of the A350 was that it could engrave on all sorts of materials, even cookies.

Has anyone tried this yet? How does the laser cope with uneven surfaces? Is there a proximity sensor so the laser tube doesn’t hit the top of the material and how does the laser keep focus?

I’ve noticed that both my test pieces of wood supplied are warped, and I spent ages with those stupid rubber bungs getting the wood flat, but then it occurred to me that leather wallets and cookies etc were never going to be flat. How does that work then?

Finally for the moment, is the light only used for laser and camera calibration? It never lights up any other time as far as I can see.