My latest creation

Although its not quite finished yet I thought I’d share a few images of what I’m working on right now

It’s based on an instuctables article

I’ll update with some finished pictures when it’s finally complete.


Noice. I had thought about similar, but now I can’t, it’s been done before. :wink:

What parts of this did you make on the Snapmaker? Did you CNC the cabinet or 3D print the buttons?

I laser cut all the cabinet and 3d printed the screen bezel on the Snapmaker.
The buttons are arcade ones which were purchased. It’s run by a Rasberry Pi 3b and has a 10" screen.

It’s so cute!!! I like it! :heart_eyes:

Thank you. That helps.

Thanks Riskey, it was a fun project to do. I still need to 3d print a new Bezel, I was waiting until my dual extruder arrived but just got an email informing me that it won’t even be shipped until late March. Looks like I’ll have to resort to Plan B.

We’re sorry for the delayed shipping :cry:. But still I look forward to seeing more of your work! I love this one very much :face_holding_back_tears:

It’s not a problem, pre ordering things always has It’s risks. Gives me time to arrange my workshop around and come up with my next project.

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I forgot to include the link in my original post so here is the link to the instructables article that my project is based on.

I modified the original by scaling it to fit on the A350 and redesigning a few aspectects of it.

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