My experience with the shop - this is not a complaint

firstly - please don’t turn this thread into a “complaining about the shop”, this is just my experience - stick to the facts, or just mentioning something that happened to you.

before my experience - just want to say, i have never seen a company so devoted to preserving your stuff during transport (well packaged), and the quality (like the enclosure or machine) is very high quality. although there is some debate about eye safety with the laser.

my experience - ordered lots of drill bits and paid with credit card -
1) my credit card was cancelled - my bank detected 2 ip addresses (one from china) so put an immediate stop on my card. nothing bad happened to my card, and no unauthorised withdrawals , it was a red flag to my bank.
2) i live in australia - in my opinion, postage was the same as if i bought it from the USA, (very high - don’t know why).
3) there was a missing drill bit - in the pack of 5, there was two the same and one missing, took 17 days to get a reply besides the auto reply - once replied to, it was very quick and efficient, and a solution was found quickly. i was happy.

this is my experience - i thought i was being ignored about the drill bit (as there auto reply says 2 days), but it all worked out.

would buy from the shop again and look forward to the rotary :slight_smile:

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Since you asked nicely, I’ll just share something I like about the machine.

I appreciate they have found a clever solution to the typical machine tradeoff between speed and precision. By using a high speed microcontroller combined with a large gear reduction on the leadscrew they have achieved good speed, excellent precision, and excellent holding power by always using full steps. Microstepping is cool and all but it reduces motor torque.

The machine is well designed using quality construction, just hampered by supplier QA/QC and understaffing. My experiences with support have been pleasant so far, I have spare parts in the mail.

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love your reply :smiley: i didn’t know that about the microcontroller :hugs: they have certainly done an excellent job with the machine.
this machine is the first time for cnc and laser (so far) 3d is next, and i am very happy with the machine - i must say without this forum, i would still be in the dark about many things (being complete newby) , the people here are so knowledgeable and helpful.
thanks brent :slight_smile:

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