Total noob on this 3D printer , need help!

Hey there, I’m Shankar from Singapore…nevertheless I’m proud to choose snap maker as my first 3D printer, and glad that I’m one of the beta users… However I just got the time to assemble the printer, having some doubts and facing some issues. Hope someone could help me out,Here are the following…

Doubt: are the linear modules interchangeable? The manual dosent label which is the Y,X and Z module…

Problem: on the controller (brain of the snapmaker) the screen port and the cable head from the touch screen is totally different, im hoping that I still could connect it on the other port, but I need the technical support crew to advise me on this… Ive uploaded a photo for your view…

Thanks & Regards,

Yes they are interchangeable. Which port you plug it into on the controller determines its function. If you followed the instructions you should be set.

I did scratch my head for a bit when I was on the exact step you are on as well (plugging the screen in). The pictures on the controller aren’t lined up properly with their respective ports. The screen picture is next to the USB port. You’ll also notice that the microSD picture is just above the rj45 port but the sd card is clearly about 2 inches below the picture. Don’t get thrown off by that. Go ahead and plug that end that you have in your hand into the port that accepts it, the rj45 port, right under the USB type B port. Not sure If I made any sense there…

You have the cable next to the proper port in your picture. Go ahead and plug it in to the one it fits in.


We make a card to show the connection in the next version of our products, like this:

It shows the X/Y/Z module and how to connect them to controller in a correct way.
Hope it may help


Thanks brother, truly appreciate it!

Thanks for sharing brother, truly appreciate it!

That will be a nice improvement! Could the sticker on the other side of the controller be redone as well? As it currently stands the “screen” picture is next to the usb port while the “microsd” picture is next to the rj45 port.

We originally want to match the position between stickers and ports, which is the best way to solve this problem. However the FAN take up all the bottom space of controller, which made it impossible to match. Now it become a BUG of design… sad…

The reason why we show only one side of the stickers is that the other side ports are more obvious than it (there are only two ports need to take care.) Even though you plug the functional module into screen port by mistake, we have made some protections to avoid damage. So we decided to show the necessary side.

It’s open to discuss these design issues, once we think it’s necessary, we will add it.

The microsd card image could be removed. This would allow you to move the screen image down very close to the port and then move the usb image right next to its port. A separate small sticker could be made that has the image for the microsd card and it could be placed in the side right next to the microsd card slot.

After fully assembled, Heated bed position is far behind form center.

Moved the jog to the forward but, once click the calibrate, heated bed moved to the backward automatically.

How can I fix this problem?

Why is this a problem?

Look at the Heated bed position Heated bed not staying on right position. It’s stay behind from 3d Module.

What’s the right position?

Are you trying to help me up? or You don’t know about this…

I mean I’d like to but right now I’m still trying to figure out what’s your problem;

What is it that you want it to do? Level the bed? Start a print? Brew coffee? Move the bed forward? Play the imperial march from the steppers?

Where to print ? Heated bed staying behind print module, I can’t even calibrate.

Do you print, laser and cnc on your hand?

Okkk so

1-It seems like your printer is in home position; there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just what it does if you let it; it will pass eventually once you give it something to do; see 3rd point for the rest

2-In order to calibrate/level the bed you gotta probe it by tapping on the 1-2-3-4 buttons on the screen and adjust the head height (look at your quickstart guide; the printing module is not for drilling through the bed)

3-You know that in order to print you gotta run a specific file into the printer that will then do all the rest by itself, including not leaving the heated bed behind, right?

Thank you for your advice.

I can’t get my snapmaker to connect to the computer.
My computer detected the usb cable, however when in the snapmaker software, it says cannot connect to port.
What am I doing wrong?

Think mine is broken. So is this forum. Really difficult to use.

Bed heats up to 30 then reboots with an error condition (I assume).

Sounds like you should start a new thread with the problems you’re having. Also, be sure to post pictures (if possible) to help show the errors you’re having.