Heatbed Cover Options

I’ve read blue, painters tape works well, and I’ve tried it with success, other than it lifting off a heated bed eventually. Of course, I applied it directly over the provided sticker, rather than on the bare aluminum. Could also be an inferior tape for the purpose (Scotch-brand). I’m bringing it up because I saw a YouTube video where it had mentioned a pane of glass or mirror. Does anyone have any experience with this method?

I tried painter’s tape on the bare aluminum, after I broke both of the original stickers.
It lifted off the bed very often, and was almost unusable.

From what I’ve read, glass doesn’t seem to be a good choice because it’s not sticky enough. I saw many tutorials about how to apply extra stuff such as glue or painter’s tape on a glass printing bed.

Now I’m using a thin PEI sheet, and it works well. It’s sticky enough during printing (PLA, 50℃ printing bed). And it is easy to remove the model when finished. I didn’t need to use the spade anymore. I’ve been using it for about 130hr, but I don’t know how long it can last.

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When I was having issues with prints sticking to the bed, I tried using the painters tape with a glue stick applied and then going into the settings of the Snapmaker3D software and turning the heated bed off (available in the custom settings) when in the . It worked really well until I got to taller prints and the tape started to lift.

It was then that I noticed that when you print with the Normal settings in the Snapmaker3D software, some of the key settings are lower than wheat is recommended. After setting them correctly (outlined below), I have had no issue with prints sticking and they have all be easy’ish to remove with little to no residue.

  • Heated Bed Initial Temp Layer is set to 50º C but the tooltip recommends 60º C.
  • Printing Temp Initial Later is set to 200º C but the tooltip recommends 210º C.

Sorry if that was more than what you were looking for. The short reply is that if the settings are correct, you may not need to cover the bed at all.

Good luck!

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