Medical masks needed

Help provide medical masks: (probably should make sure your local hospital is willing to use them.)


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Thanks for sharing this CasaDelGato! I’ve been watching this shortage and looking for a way to help. I also came across the #hackthepandemic project created by a company called Copper3D. They make an antimicrobial printer filament (called PLACTIVE) that helps keep bacteria from forming on the masks. My sister is a nurse and she said that’s a big problem with the hard masks is that they carry bacteria on them, so something like PLACTIVE is a great solution for printing masks. I’m sure that will help local medical professionals be more likely to use them if they know they’re made of an antimicrobial material. I actually bought a roll of PLACTIVE to help support the company. It’s expensive ($93 for 750g) but I felt like it was for a good cause. When I get it and get some successful prints, I’ll try to post an update in this thread.

Here’s the link to Copper3D’s website for more info on PLACTIVE:

Here’s another article that talks about our awesome community of Makers putting their printers to good use to help fight this pandemic.

Thanks for sharing! Let’s keep spreading the word. I’m sure every little bit helps!

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Another bit of info on what materials can be used for the filters.


There is something big going on:

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We have designed our own face shields and will make a thread on the forum soon.