Help make Medical masks

Help provide medical masks: (probably should make sure your local hospital is willing to use them.)
It is possible to print a 90% size (small) mask on a Snapmaker 1.

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If you turn the mask right on the buildplate also 100% are possible

it may seem too small on the picture, but it fits

Hmm, I rotated it, but couldn’t get it to fit until scaled down to 90%.

hey, i tried again with snapmakerjs, it works 115,8mm x 115,8mm x 57,9mm

By the way, where to get the filters from?

Filters - read the instructions page from the website.
It’s also been mentioned that T-shirt material is a not-quite-as-good possible substitute.

Thanks for providing the design file. We are currently working on designing a medical mask as well. Thing is there are a lot of factors to consider.

Filter information

There is something big going on:

Original can only make the chin item (or glue the top together) but everything helps!