Materials for laser engraving


Hi everyone.
I would love to hear from anyone who’s laser engraved successfully on materials other than wood and leather using the original lower powered laser module.
The idea is to have a list of all materials that can be used successfully for laser engraving.



Aside from the wood and leather that you mentioned already, I have successfully burned polycarbonate phone cases from different manufacturers as well as matte board.


What power did you set the laser to for those materials?


70% / 80% for both. The cases take a little experimenting since they all seem to have their own coating. Always buy two… one for testing the laser settings and the one that you plan to actually use.


Packaging foam (I too the one from the Snapmaker enclosure box):
Here a quick 20 piece puzzle (80x80 mm) cut at 100% with 200 mm/min in about 5 minutes.
Maybe you can go even faster…
I used the 200 mW engraving module since my 1,6 W hasn’t arrived till now.