Manual Bed Leveling - Easiest Way?

Long story short - I’m frustrated with the bed leveling of the J1. The automatic process leaves a distinct depression in the back left corner of the bed. Printing a simple 0.3mm single layer sheet confirms this. I’ve used shims to correct it, but it’s not perfect, I’d much rather try manually leveling it using the wheels and a piece of paper like I have on other printers before this one. I’m fairly certain that I will end up with better results than what I’m getting from the automatic process and shims.

I’m assuming I can use a terminal and send a Z-height of 0, and then use the touchscreen controls to move the head around the bed? Is there a better way to do it?


Disable the stepper motors via the touchscreen and then move everything around by hand. Much faster than using the printer to move the head.

Ah, good call there. Thanks!