Malformed focusing lines

Hi there,

I am running my focus on a new material (cardstock) and this is how the ruler is printing. When I did the initial test last night it printed it correctly, but now this is all I get. Any ideas?

Are you using the enclosure? If you are, close the enclosure’s doors when it engraves the lines.

We do not have an enclosure.

Hi, after it finishes the engraving lines, it shows failed and asks you to choose the best line. Then please choose the best line. After that, please do the calibration again.
If the issue still exists, please also choose the best line.
Finally, you will make it work well.

Does it work well now?

No, it it still not working. It frequently disconnects from both the wifi and serial as well. I am going to factory reset as I am unable to get a consistent laser cut done.

If you use the USB stick, will it work? I noticed that you have sent email to us.
Can you please show me a video of how you calibrate the laser?

You said it frequently disconnects from both the wifi and serial. May I know when it disconnects, what does the touchscreen show?
Can you enable the hotspot on your phone and let both the computer and machine connect to the hotspot? Then will it still lose connection?

Hi Tracy,

I will have to check next week. I had our intern work on it for 4 days last week and every time she got different results, so I had to re-task until we can connect. It’s been a very frustrating experience and what was talked about being very simple and easy to use have not panned out at all. Love the hardware approach, but the software is a real challenge and making your device look sub-par. Should I open a new ticket next week or can you keep this thread open?