Makers in the DC area

I know there’s at least one more owner in the Washington, DC area. Is there anyone else around? Would local folks be interested in starting up a Users Group so we can share our experiences and maybe even help each other make the most of our new machines? I’m in Maryland, in the Frederick area.

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I’m a year late but I’m a local snap maker owner and a local group would be awesome. I live in Hyattsville

Guess you can get more response in facebook group.:grinning:

It has obviously been ages since I checked the forum! I went to ERRF yesterday and met up with another owner and had a good chat about our machines. Let’s see how we can get a meetup scheduled. But I suspect Steve is correct; the FB page seems to have more activity.

I have ordered the A350 version and have a ship-out date in the month of June. I am in Virginia- real close to ya!

I am in Germantown and I have my A350 assembled and running it’s first print right now.

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How did that first print go? I’m sure we’d love to see pictures if you’re up for sharing!

Not sure if this was the first print but here are a few. I gave up on the touchscreen and moved to PrusaSlicer.

Both of those are with a 1.0mm nozzle at 0.6mm layer height.
Benchy is standard 0.4mm nozzle at 0.2mm LH.

WOW! Those are some quality looking prints!

Thanks. I have not finished dialing things in just yet so I hope they get better.