Machine pauses and won't continue my job

Hi everyone, I am learning 3D carving using (cut 3d} to create my GCode file.I can load it on luban , however the machine is pausing during the program and I can’t finish the job . I’ve tried the pause machine and then start to see if it will start moving again…but nothing… I have to restart the whole process and run the gcode file again. Most of the time it will get past the point where it previously paused but will pause again in another spot.It is taking hours to restart again, go over what has already been machined and hope it will finish. Any thoughts on what might be causing this?
Thanks, Suzanne

Not sure if this issue is related to the G-code file itself.

Please use Snapmaker Luban to generate a G-code and try the pause-resume feature.

Remember to upgrade the firmware via this post:


Edwin it seems to me this would be so simple if I could open STL files in the cnc router and run them…

Request received.